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Published on May 28th, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

“Requesting a Sign-On Bonus (or Other Payment upon Hire)”

These days, when offered a new job, it is more and more common to request, and receive, a “Sign-On Bonus,” or other payment upon hire.

Most commonly, it is to make up for a bonus, commissions or equity forfeited to make the move. Sometimes it is to reimburse for an expense, such as relocation.

So long as your request is respectful, reasonable and accompanied by a sensible rationale, there is no harm in asking. This Model Letter shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Published on May 26th, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

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“How long two minutes is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are.”

– Source Unknown

When waiting for a job offer, a week seems like an eternity. When deciding who to hire, a week seems like a fleeting moment. On the other hand, looming deadlines seem to approach at the speed of a locomotive, but waiting for a “check in the mail” can seem to last forever. Bear these different perspectives in mind, and try to place “time out of mind.” Fretting never helps. Just keep yourself busy, positive and productive, and have faith that what you want and deserve will come your way. Because, if you do, it will.

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Memorial Day

Published on May 25th, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

“It is not where you serve, but how you serve.”

– J. Rubin Clark

If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., please consider doing so. It is not flashy or grand, but simple and direct, like the men and women it honors. It is not anonymous, but highly personal, containing the names of over 52,000 people killed in service. It can be touched, and powerfully touches back. And it rises out of the earth, and then recedes back into the earth, like each one of us will. It truly serves to remind us of the inhumanity of war, and the humanity of those who served. To all of you who have served in the name of peace and freedom, THANK YOU.

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“Becoming a Consultant? – Here are 21 Smart Points to Raise”

Published on May 19th, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

“The second mouse gets the cheese.”

– Terry Pratchett

ACTUAL “CASE HISTORY: These days, as employers are seeking to limit employee-related expenses, yet retain the services of valuable individuals, they are increasingly turning to the hiring of individuals not as employees, but as independent consultants.

The reduction in employee headcount provides employers with lower overall expense, especially as to benefits and legally-required payments, such as mandated contributions to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, unemployment benefits, and workers’ compensation plans. In addition, most of the many other laws that protect employees from discrimination, retaliation, harassment and non-payment of wages, are not applicable to independent consultants.

For this reason, we are seeing more and more people “selling their services” as consultants rather than as employees. The most common scenario is for a company to provide to a consultant its “standard form” of consultant agreement for signature. And just as commonly, important points in those “standard forms” are slanted heavily in favor of the interests of the company, and not the consultant.

But, “forewarned is forearmed.” You have every right, and an obligation to yourself and your loved ones, too, to request changes in the language and terms of any agreement. Here are the most important points to raise if it is a Consulting Services Agreement.

LESSON TO LEARN: Most employees do not have written contracts, for many different reasons, chief among them that employers commonly view written agreements as commitment they don’t want to make, and may be difficult to get out of. (That said, senior executives do commonly have written employment agreements that do protect them.)

On the other hand, most consultants do have written contracts, provided by the company, that lean heavily toward the protection of the rights and interests of the company. As a consultant, you look to your own resources – and not legal protections – to protect you and what should be yours. If you do not, you have only yourself to blame.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: In any Consulting Services Agreement submitted to you for your review and signature, look to see if these “21 Smart Points” are already provided and are clear, and in your interests. If not, consider asking that they be inserted to clarify and modify the consulting services agreement, either (a) incorporated into the main agreement given to you, or (b) set forth on a “Rider,” “Addendum” or “Amendment” in each instance to be signed by both sides when the main agreement is also signed.
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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Published on May 18th, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

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“A loving person recognizes needs.”

– Leo Buscaglia

. . . and all successful employees and businesspeople do, too. That’s because successful people all understand that, in the marketplace of goods and services – including the employment marketplace – needs are opportunities, just waiting for someone to notice them and to figure out a new way or a better way to address them. So, go forth, and love thy boss and customer!

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