Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Published on April 25th, 2016 by Alan L. Sklover

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“The greatest step is out the door.”

– German Proverb

Here comes this year’s graduation season, which means here comes “the greatest step” for so many young people. It’s their time to go “out the door,” “leave the nest,” and “stand on their own two feet.” I remember it well: I thought, “Here I come, world,” and the world, somehow, simply forgot to respond. There is nothing in life like this “greatest step,” and there never will be again. Those about to take it might need your continued support, but if you give it, give it sparingly, for it’s their greatest step to take, not yours to deny.

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A Passover Thought

Published on April 22nd, 2016 by Alan L. Sklover

To All Our Friends Who Celebrate


May your Matzoh Balls be light. May your Horse Radish be strong. May your Wine be sweet.

May you never forget how precious is Freedom from Oppression and Slavery, the meaning and lesson of this wonderful Holiday.

Have a Zinsict Pesach!

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The Future of Work – Wherever You’re Headed, Get on Board “The Digital Express”

Published on April 18th, 2016 by Alan L. Sklover

Time to Adapt
Over time, and increasingly of late, I am observing that those of my firm’s clients who are having an easier time getting hired, who are seeing their careers advance, and who sense they have greater negotiating leverage with their employers, are those who have devoted thought and energy to getting on board what I call “The Digital Express” at work.

And it seems universal. Whether it is in dentistry, foreign exchange trading, higher education, trade conference marketing, annuity sales, executive recruiting, or supermarket management, those who get on board “The Digital Express” are moving ahead fastest, and going the farthest.

Before getting on board the “Digital Express,” perhaps we should first ask ourselves “What the heck is digitization, anyway?” For some it is standardization of systems. For others it is customization of data. For still others, it entails application of software where manual processes have always prevailed.

That is the idea: the digital world is different for each person, each company and each industry, and each and every new day, too. It is striving to adapt leading edge innovation to the old-line, usual way of doing things, and earnestly pursuing what seems to work better, more efficiently, with greater style, and more effectively . . . at least for the moment.

The very idea of digitization connotes a way of approaching the problems and opportunities all around us, in the midst of an environment that changes – like the weather – on a daily, if not hourly – basis.

In your job, can “it” be done more effectively? More accurately? Perhaps more beautifully? For less expense, or perhaps with a new and unique twist? The never-changing answer is a resounding “Yes, of course!”

Just watch, adapt, and then innovate your digital way forward. It’s those among us who are moving this way forward, unafraid of the inevitable failures or the approaching future, who are each day surely enjoying their ride on the “Digital Express.” Why not come aboard, too?

That is what SkloverWorkingWisdom™ is all about.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Published on April 18th, 2016 by Alan L. Sklover

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“If you call on the wolf, you invite the pack.”

– Bulgarian Proverb

In each of us, there is good and bad. Some of us, though, have a lot more of one than the other. Seeking assistance, benefits or protections from those who have exhibited poor character, lack of empathy, or extreme arrogance will not, in the long run, benefit you. You may be their friend today, but you are likely to be their lunch tomorrow.

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Carried Interest – Key Words & Phrases

Published on April 13th, 2016 by Alan L. Sklover

Key Words

What is the meaning of:


“Carried Interest” (sometimes called “Carry”) is a term used to refer to one of the fees an investment manager may receive. It is a share of the investment’s profits, over and above any share of the investment profits that the manager may be due from the manager’s own initial contribution to the investment.
It is really a kind of “performance bonus,” because the greater the investment’s profits, the greater the manager’s “carried interest” is worth.

The term “carried interest” originated in the 1600’s, when a ship captain was awarded a percentage of the ship’s “carried” cargo for completing a successful sea voyage.

In “private equity” investments, the investment manager receives “carried interests” when the investment is completed, generally when the investment is sold.

In “hedge fund” investments, the investment manager receives “carried interest” at the conclusion of a year, determined by a percentage of the year’s profits.

Employees of investment management firms may be awarded a small share of the firm’s “carried interests,” to be vested over time, the way that other long-term incentives are awarded. It is a variant of stock, stock options and other forms of “equity” awarded by traditional investment firms. Like “equity awards” in traditional investment firms, “carried interests” often vest over time.

If you are offered “carried interests” by an employer, your “carried interests” may well come with “strings attached” in the form of non-compete agreements, requirements that you invest your own money at times, even forfeiture and “clawback” provisions that take your awards away from you if you fail to fulfill your obligations.

The “paperwork” involved really does need to be carefully reviewed by an attorney experienced in these matters. The rewards are potentially great, matched only by the risks involved.

On these and other workplace issues, I am available for telephone consultations lasting 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 2 hours. If you would like to set up a consultation, just [click here.]

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