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i. What is Involuntary Resignation?

  1. NL 1: Involuntary Resignation – Standing Up, Not Giving Up, to an Intolerable Situation at Work
  2. QA 1: “What is the best way to get out of a bad employment relation?”
  3. QA 2: “Directed by my employer to discriminate; what can I do?”
  4. QA 3: “Due to anxiety attacks, I am on FMLA leave; will I be fired when I return?”

ii. When is Involuntary Resignation appropriate?

  1. QA 1: “If I submit an Involuntary Resignation, and mention specific things that happened to me, can my employer make a claim or start a lawsuit against me?”
  2. QA 2: “Can ‘involuntary resignation’ be used in an ‘at will’ state (for a bully boss)?”
  3. QA 3: “HR has not responded to PIP pushback; should I involuntarily resign?”
  4. QA 4: “Toxic smell in the office: what can I do?”
  5. QA 5: I fear workplace violence, but also getting fired if I complain. Suggestions?
  6. QA 6: “Stress from work is killing me. Please help!!”

iii. How do I Involuntarily Resign?

  1. QA 1: “Placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”) the day I returned from maternity leave. How do I submit an Involuntary Resignation letter?”
  2. QA 2: “How do I resign while on FMLA leave (especially with a bully boss)?”

iv. What happens after I Involuntarily Resign?

  1. QA 1: “After I ‘involuntarily resigned’ under unfair circumstances, I was denied unemployment. Do I have any rights?”
  2. QA 2: “Resigned due to stress, overwork and burn out. Can I get unemployment?”
  3. QA 3: “Insulted, overworked, and benefits taken away– can I get unemployment?”
  4. QA 4: “My ‘Involuntary Resignation’ was not accepted as ‘involuntary.’ What do I do?”

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