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To All Our Friends Who Celebrate

The name of the Passover holiday is derived from a prayer that the Angel of Death “passes over” each of our homes, sparing each of us the grief that comes from loss of our loved ones. This prayer was of particular poignancy during the Covid pandemic. Though that plague is no longer commonly among us, illness, injury and emotional difficulties remain subjects of our prayers.

May we now pray that each of us, and each of our families and friends, are again spared a visit from the Angel of Death this year, so that we may live on, and do good, for all of us, and our families and friends, and the world.

May we pray, too, that after being spared, in the coming years each of us will live with appreciation for each other far greater than we ever have before.

And with this in minds and hearts, let each of us say, “Amen.”

Have a Zinsict Pesach!

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