About Our Working Beliefs

1. No employee is entitled to a job. No employer is entitled to a slave.

2. Employees owe a duty of loyalty to their employers. Employers owe a duty of fairness to their employees.

3. Employees should give their honest, full-time, best efforts. Employers should recognize and appreciate such efforts.

4. Employees must earn their compensation. Employers must pay compensation when earned.

5. In determining bonuses, managers should have some discretion. In their own bonuses, managers should not be selfish.

6. Employees should leave personal issues out of the office. Employers must recognize valid family and personal needs.

7. Employees should always give employers notice before leaving. Employers should always give employees notice before firing.

8. No employee should live in fear of harassment, hostility or retaliation. All employers should be held accountable for those behaviors.

9. The essence of Employment is collaboration. Collaboration requires mutual trust and respect.

10. Employees are human beings. Employees are not “human resources.”

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