Question: I have had a similar situation as several of your readers who have written in about Performance Improvement Plans (“PIP’s”). I challenged mine, but my employer insists that I have no choice: I must go through the PIP process, or be fired. Should I continue to challenge the PIP process, or should I submit to the process?

New York, New York

Answer: I don’t see your situation as one in which you must make an “either – or” decision. That is, I believe you can continue to challenge the facts of the PIP, the conclusion that you deserve a PIP, how the process is being run, and the motivations for placing you on a PIP, AND, at the same time, go through the PIP process, to the best of your abilities.

Unless your boss owns the company, he or she probably has a boss, who also has a boss, and so on. And, too, there may very well be a Board of Directors or a Board of Trustees you could “appeal” to, as well.

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Don’t believe what you are told about having limited options, and don’t presume your options are limited. Your options in dealing with any set of circumstances is limited only by your imagination.

Best, Al Sklover

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