“After I’ve resigned, can my employer fire me before the last date I told them I would work?”

Question: I got the feeling that I was going to be fired. So I turned in my notice of resignation, giving my employer 90 days notice of my last day.

Can the company turn around and fire me during this period? If they do, will I be paid for the 90 days, or at least until my last day of employment? 

         Las Vegas, Nevada

Answer: Odette, your three questions can be answered easily:

1. Your employer can terminate you today, tomorrow or at any time before your 90 days are up. Unless you have a contract of employment, your employment relation is like dating: it can be ended by either employer or employee at any time.

2. If you are terminated before the 90 days are up, your employer is not legally obligated to pay you for any time after your last day.

3. In all circumstances, your employer is legally obligated to pay you for every single hour you worked, without exception.

Hope that helps, and I hope your employer treats you with at least the same respect and consideration you are showing them, which is considerable.

       Best, Al Sklover   

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