“After successfully completing a Performance Improvement Plan, yet still told ‘It’s just not working out’ and let go, will I be entitled to unemployment insurance?”

Question: I was placed on a performance improvement plan (“PIP”). When I was told the areas of my supposedly poor performance, I wrote up a four-page letter in response. No matter, I still went through the Performance Improvement Plan.

The PIP laid out specific objectives to be accomplished by specified dates. I accomplished each objective, on time, successfully. Even after that, I was told “It just isn’t working out,” and was laid off.

Will I still be able to collect unemployment insurance?

Los Angeles, California

Answer: Like most states, California grants Unemployment Insurance to those who become unemployed due to no fault of their own. “Fault” in these circumstances is usually reserved for bad conduct and grossly poor performance. From the reasons you’ve given, it would seem likely that you will, indeed, be provided Unemployment Insurance.

If I am wrong, and you are not provided Unemployment Insurance, please write back, and share what happened.

Good luck.

Al Sklover

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