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“Not Paying Employees is Both A Crime and a Sin.”

I don’t have any intention of getting involved in politics of any kind, and I don’t mean to take “sides” in the current debate over who is responsible for 800,000 federal employees working without pay, or being put on “furlough,” whatever that means. We are all responsible, and we all should be ashamed.

It is both a crime and a sin to not pay employees. It is just that simple, that important, and at least I must voice my anger and disdain for those who permit it to happen, and to continue to happen.

The great books of my faith say so. The laws of this country say so. Our values say so. The Golden Rule of every faith says so.

And, if the government does it with impunity, then I am more than confident that more employers will do so, as well.

I have both heard and read that our President has done business this way as a businessman his whole adult life. If true, well, then, we should have known better than to make him our Employer In Chief. Forget the politics; focus on the values, and this is a core value.

I tried to voice my opinion to The White House Comment Line, but it is shut down due to the Shut Down.

Fortunately, the Contact Info line for Senators and Congress People is up and running. It is (202) 225-3121.

I also urge you to email the President at

What is taking place is wrong, very wrong. It will only get worse if we are silent. We should not permit such shameful and sinful behavior in our names.

Sorry for the “rant,” but Dignity at Work is what this blogsite stands for, and my life’s work, too. It is a core value, nothing less.

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