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New Job 7 Master Checklist of Employment Negotiation Items
A Comprehensive Checklist to ensure you don’t fail to raise, request or resolve an issue of importance to you before you “shake hands” on the terms and conditions of a new job. Remember: “If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.” Remember, too, that “If you don’t think of it, you won’t ask for it.”
New Job 8 50 Good Reasons to Explain Your Last Departure
Our MOST POPULAR checklist. It’s often difficult to explain why you would leave your last job without having a new one lined up. Here are 50 Good Reasons to offer an interviewer or to put into a job application. Each is a substantive reason that anyone can understand, and few would question.
Job Issues 7 Model Equity & Benefit “Inventory”
Over the years we have found that many clients fail to keep careful record of valuable equity and benefits, and related conditions and dates. That can result in significant, though avoidable, losses; it’s like throwing money out of a window. Here’s our form to help you prevent that, for you and your family’s protection.
Job Issues 18 Master 88-Point Checklist – When Facing the Merger or Sale of Your Employer
One of the riskiest workplace situations you will face is the upcoming merger or sale of your employer. Chances are that, no matter which company is the purchaser or “dominant merger partner,” lots of layoffs will follow. Here is our 88-Point Master Checklist to help you gain a degree of control, calm and Confidence to successfully negotiate and navigate the experience.
Non-Compete 1 185-Point Master Guide & Checklist to Non-Compete’s
This Master Guide & Checklist takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about Non-Compete’s. There is nothing like it, anywhere. Eleven Sections: (a) General; (b) Before Employment; (c) During Employment; (d) After Employment; (e) Understanding; (f) Negotiating; (g) When Looking for New Jobs; (h) Preparing for a Dispute; (i) If Accused of Violating; (j) Fight Outside Court; and (k) Fighting in Court.
Resign 2 Master 100-Point Pre-Resignation Checklist
Perhaps the most popular Item on our Private Library. You can make many mistakes of “omission or commission” in voluntarily resigning. These 100 things to do, not to do, and to consider doing in the resignation process, reduce the chances you will make a mistake.
Severance 5 Master 94-Point Severance Negotiation Checklist
Being “severed” from your employment requires that you attend to many different decisions and details during a time of high anxiety. Our 94-Point Master Checklist for Severance provides you a “roadmap” for getting done what needs to get done, including points to negotiate, with minimal confusion, anxieties and worries.
Post-Employ 4 Model Email NDA Memo
This is an informal email memo intended to give your valuable idea, opportunity or proposal some measure of protection when you are sharing it with people for purposes of discussion and consideration. Commonly called an “Informal NDA,” or Non-Disclosure and Use memo.
Sample Agreement 1 ConsultantIt’s more common than ever for those between jobs, or in semi-retirement, to take on temporary assignments as Consultants. And many find that Consultancy is a nice way of life. If Consultancy is in your future, here’s a Sample Consultant Agreement, to be adapted with your particular facts, services, clients, etc., to get you started on your way. $49.95
Sample Agreement 2 Independent Contractor
Instead of being an employee for one employer, many people find that they prefer to sell their services and earn their living by being independent. If you do, it is important to establish the “rules” of that relation, in order to avoid costly disputes. These two Model Independent Contractor Agreements – one a one-page “short form” and the other a six-page “long form” can serve as guides to preparing your own independent contractor agreement.
Sample Agreement 3 Partnership
If you are planning on going into business with others, it is prudent to have a written agreement, so as to avoid future costly disputes. There is an old business saying that “No one can hurt you as much as your partners.” Use this model partnership agreement as a basis of an agreement for your partnership.
Coming Soon!
Sample Agreement 4 Executive Employment
It’s not common for an executive to need to supply his or her own employment agreement; the employer almost always has its own attorneys provide an initial draft. Still, (a) executives do sometimes need to propose their own agreements. Additionally, executives sometimes ask for a “sample” employment to either (b) compare with the draft they have received, or (c) review for alternative ideas and language. This Sample Executive Employment Agreement can be used for all those purposes.
Sample Agreement 5 Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”)
When sharing a unique opportunity, great idea, or business proposal with someone else, what’s to stop them from “stealing” it by using it themselves, or divulging it to someone else who might use it without you? Preventing such risks when seeking business affiliates is the purpose of having both sides sign an “NDA” before the opportunity, idea or proposal is shared. This is a good, reasonable and fair agreement.
Sample Agreement 6 Entrepreneur’s Confidentiality Agreement
If you plan to start a business, and to do so you submit information, ideas or data to another person or company to evaluate, you want to protect your information from their use or their giving to others. If you are an entrepreneur, or are thinking of becoming one, this is the sample agreement for you.