Boss forged my signature. What do I do?

Question: What do I do if my boss forged my signature on paperwork, and sent it to Human Resources?

Guyton, Georgia

Answer: Wow. That would seem to depend on a lot of unanswered questions.

Was it on something that is simple and insignificant, such as a request for a supply of vacation request forms, and you were unavailable at the moment?

Was it on something that is very serious, such as an admission that you stole petty cash, or that you agreed that your performance is poor?

If rather insignificant, you might have a simple conversation with your boss, asking him or her about it, and requesting (politely) that you’d prefer it not be repeated.

If rather serious, I would do three things:

(a) Request a meeting with Human Resources, and tell them what you believe happened.
(b) Most importantly, follow up that meeting with an email that says exactly what you reported to HR, when, who was there, and what time and date you met with HR, AND express your concern that you might be retaliated against for making this report.
(c) Give serious consideration to having a consultation with an experienced employment attorney.

You’re in a delicate situation. Act swiftly, but carefully, and keep making written email records of what happens, in detail.

Good luck. I mean that.

Best, Al Sklover

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