Can An Overstated Resume Result in Firing?

Question: What if a candidate for a job opening presented all the right qualities for a project that she would be managing, and before the candidate is hired and begins the project, the business owner realizes the candidate exaggerated/enhanced her qualifications, and she is not qualified for the job . . . if after the business owner has offered the candidate the job, can the business owner rescind the offer due to the lack of qualifications?

Karen, Tucson, AZ

Answer: Yes, absolutely, the job offer is rescindable for several reasons:

First, to lie on a job application is a kind of fraud, and is without question a good enough reason to fire someone. Second, any “offer” based on false information is considered void and of no effect in the law, as the employer did not really get what the employer “bargained” for. Imagine you had agreed to buy a Mercedes Benz car for $50,000, but found out that it was really a Saturn worth $15,000 . . . you’d surely want your money back, wouldn’t you?

Hope that answers your question. Thanks for visiting our blogsite.

Best, Al Sklover

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