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Just a Reminder: Express Gratitude At Work Today

Published on July 5th, 2017 by Alan L. Sklover

Every once in a while, we take a moment to remind you of perhaps the easiest, yet most effective, way of to gain an important kind of leverage at work: being a person who expresses gratitude to managers, colleagues and subordinates.

Not false gratitude, but real gratitude, for the little things, the big things, and all the things in between, that people do that is kind, helpful and supportive.

Hey, even regarding your least favorite person at work: be grateful he or she is not even worse!

Gratitude, appreciation and thanks are always best shared with others. “Silent gratitude isn’t worth much to anyone” was something Gertrude Stein, the great writer, often said.

Expressions of thanks lift others, motivate others, and sometimes even help others become more thankful, themselves, for those around them.

It is truly a secret of those who enjoy job security and greater advancement, at work, and at home, too.

So take a moment today to express simple gratitude to one or two of your co-workers at work. Even a very simple, “I appreciate having you here.” It is good for them, good for you, and just plain good for all.

Incidentally, we want you to know that we appreciate that you are a member of our Sklover Working Wisdom Blog “Family.”

If you would like to obtain a list of “50 Different Expressions of “Workplace Gratitude” for your possible use today, tomorrow and whenever, just [click here.]

You might also review a newsletter we posted in 2007 entitled “The Surprising Power of Simple Appreciation – A Negotiator’s Secret.” To do so, just [click here.]

Gratitude – the daily sweet that has no calories.


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Offer An Expression of Gratitude

Published on September 1st, 2015 by Alan L. Sklover

This week, at work, do something that is . . .
Good for You,
Good for Others,
Costs Nothing,
Is an Undeniable Virtue,
Will Strengthen Your Job Security:

Offer an Expression of Gratitude To At Least One Person

Every few months we remind ourselves – and our friends, readers and Blog Family – that their work lives and careers will likely be made richer, stronger and more secure by one simple – and cost-free – gesture: an expression of gratitude to a co-worker, whether a subordinate, a colleague, a manager or someone else.

Sincere expressions of appreciation are uplifting, encouraging, motivating, and affirming . . . to both the person expressing the gratitude, and the person receiving it.

We all hear (and sometimes make) complaints about co-workers. But how often do we thank or compliment each other? Not nearly enough. There is so much to be grateful for in our colleagues, if you only take a moment to think about it.

And the world sure could use a dose of positivity, solidarity, understanding and appreciation.

Go ahead, give it a try. You’ll be glad you did. It will be good for others, and good for you.

To make it a touch easier for you, we offer a list of “50 Great Expressions of Workplace Appreciation and Gratitude.” As examples, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, extra effort and collaborative spirit. Or, for meetings that were short and effective, a recommendation for a promotion, even covering your shift when family problems arose.

If you can’t find at least one person at work who deserves at least one of our “50 Thank You’s,” then either you need some inner reflection or perhaps even a new job elsewhere. To obtain your copy, just [click here.]

You might also review a newsletter we posted in 2007 entitled “The Surprising Power of Simple Appreciation – A Negotiator’s Secret.” To do so, just [click here.]

There is a lot to appreciate in a lot of our colleagues at work. Why not note it, express your thanks for it, and encourage more of it?

And, Thank You for being a member of our “Blog-Visitor Family.”


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