“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”
-Ben Franklin

A. Outside of Employment

There are many times when a full-time employee may want do some work or consulting “on the side,” that is, outside of her or his job. For example, a full-time visual merchandiser for a large store chain owning 400 clothing stores may be asked to act as a one-a-month consultant to give ideas and feedback to a company that owns just two small retail cosmetics stores. Just as in any business or employment relations, it would be wise to set down in a detailed writing the terms, conditions, and compensation agreed to by both sides. These Sample Agreements are here to help you engage in that situation, and others similar to it. .

(* In this situation, it would be wise to get the prior written consent from your full-time employer to do so. We offer a Model Memo for that; see “Request for Consent to Do Side Work, Job Issues 23. To see that Model Memo, just [click here.])

B. After Employment

Additionally, many people either between jobs, or who decide to “go out on their own,” or who are in semi-retirement, also want to sell their services, expertise and time to businesses. It is also for people like these that we have prepared these Sample Agreement.

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Item Number

Subject, Name and Description


Sample Agreement 1 Consultant Agreement
It’s more common than ever for those between jobs, or in semi-retirement, to take on temporary assignments as Consultants. And many find that Consultancy is a nice way of life. If Consultancy is in your future, here’s a Sample Consultant Agreement, to be adapted with your particular facts, services, clients, etc., to get you started on your way.
Sample Agreement 2 Independent Contractor Agreement
Instead of being an employee for one employer, many people find that they prefer to sell their services and earn their living by being independent. If you do, it is important to establish the “rules” of that relation, in order to avoid costly disputes. These two Model Independent Contractor Agreements – one a one-page “short form” and the other a six-page “long form” can serve as guides to preparing your own independent contractor agreement.
Sample Agreement 3 Partnership Agreement
If you are planning on going into business with others, it is prudent to have a written agreement, so as to avoid future costly disputes. There is an old business saying that “No one can hurt you as much as your partners.” Use this model partnership agreement as a basis of an agreement for your partnership. New!!
Sample Agreement 4 Executive Employment Agreement
Its not common for an executive to need to supply his or her own employment agreement; the employer almost always has its own attorneys provide an initial draft. Still, (a) executives do sometimes need to propose their own agreements. Additionally, executives sometimes ask for a sample employment to either (b) compare with the draft they have received, or (c) review for alternative ideas and language. This Sample Executive Employment Agreement can be used for all those purposes.
Sample Agreement 5 Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”)
When sharing a unique opportunity, great idea, or business proposal with someone else, what’s to stop them from “stealing” it by using it themselves, or divulging it to someone else who might use it without you? Preventing such risks when seeking business affiliates is the purpose of having both sides sign an “NDA” before the opportunity, idea or proposal is shared. This is a good, reasonable and fair agreement.
Sample Agreement 6 Entrepreneur’s Confidentiality Agreement
If you plan to start a business, and to do so you submit information, ideas or data to another person or company to evaluate, you want to protect your information from their use or their giving to others. If you are an entrepreneur, or are thinking of becoming one, this is the sample agreement for you.
Sample Agreement 7 Consulting Agreements – 23 Suggested Items to Insert Into Company’s “Standard” Agreement (With Transmittal Memo)
Almost always, companies prefer that a consultant sign the company’s own “standard” consulting services contract. They are confident in what it provides because it was drafted by their attorneys. You can be near certain that it is in many ways “slanted” against your interests and certainly weighted in favor of the company’s interests. This item is a list of the 23 clauses we most often request be inserted into Consulting Agreements, drafted in “plain English” so that everyone knows What they say, what they mean and what they accomplish. Said a bit differently, “What to Say and How to Say It.”™ New!!
Sample Agreement 10 Independent Sales Agent Agreement
Sales Professionals who are working on their own need to have ready at their fingertips “Our Standard Agreement” to present to possible clients. This Sample Independent Sales Agent Agreement includes those provisions, negotiation points, and legal protections you will probably need in your own company agreement. And, it is written in “plain English,” non-legalese, so that everyone knows what its says, what it means and what it accomplishes. Said a bit differently, “What to Say and How to Say It.”™ New!!