Mr. Sklover acts as an ongoing Mentor to a limited number of people who believe their interests are best served by having a “Continual Coach in Their Corner.”

Mentoring services do NOT include (i) legal representation, (ii) legal advice, (iii) preparation of memos, or (iv) review of documents, but consist instead of employment, career and negotiation counsel and guidance.

The Mentoring relation is a committed relation for which Mr. Sklover makes himself available to his Mentees on a regular basis, often on weekends, with flexibility afforded to both parties as and when needed. Depending on circumstances, the time allotment is usually 1 – 2 hours monthly.

The Mentee relation is of a minimum 12-month duration, renewable at 12-month intervals if agreed. No Mentoring relation is begun without a prior written confirmation.

Fees for Mentoring services are hourly, presently $375 (subject to change), which is 40% below Mr. Sklover’s usual hourly rate for legal services, payable $500 monthly. At 3 month intervals, account balances, if any, are reconciled, that is, any additional amounts due are then paid, or any monies overpaid are then refunded.

If interested, please contact Mr. Sklover’s office at (212) 757-5000.