No, no one in the office is “expecting,” but we will soon “deliver” a New Newsletter:

Leaving a Partnership, LLC, Inc. or PC You Co-Own: The Seven Important Concerns

Many of our clients have chosen to “go out” into their own businesses, on their own or with others. I particularly enjoy helping people do that. That said, when there are “business marriages,” there are inevitably “business divorces,” too.

There are many things to consider, and many things to do when anticipating, or going through, a “business divorce,” whether the company has been formed as (a) a partnership, (b) a limited liability company, (c) a corporation, or (d) a professional corporation.

We have categorized the many things to consider into seven categories, and will soon be distributing our newsletter that explains them.

Whether you are in a partnership or other co-owned business, or think that you may one day want to go that route, I think you will enjoy the read.

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Whatever you do . . . why not do it wisely?

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