a. Telephone Consultations – 7 Days, By Appointment

1. 5 minutes

$75.00 (the proverbial “Just a Quick Question”
– No Documents Reviewed)

2. 30 minutes

$395.00 (includes document review – max 5 pgs.)

3. 60 minutes

$550.00 (includes document review – max 10 pgs.)

4. 120 minutes

$795.00 (includes document review – max 25 pgs.)

Note that Telephone Consultations with Mr. Sklover do not constitute legal advice, but instead review of facts, events circumstances and documents, and presentation of negotiation strategies and career navigation.

It is suggested that certain areas of concern – notably, (a) employment opportunities involving stock, options, or other forms of ownership, (b) allegations of wrongdoing, (c) non-competition disputes, and (d) deferred compensation – be addressed in 120 minute consultations, as they require significant prior review and discussion.

All Telephone Consultations are with Mr. Sklover.
If interested, simply pay below, and we will be in touch with you shortly to set a date and time to speak. Evenings and weekends can be accommodated.

Unsolicited Feedback

“This email is long overdue!

Three months ago, in a telephone consultation, you reviewed what I, and my co-workers, believed was a problematic non-compete agreement we had all signed, and kept us in a very toxic atmosphere. You went through it with me line by line. I was very unhappy at my job and hoping a recent interview would come through. It turns out the document wasn’t a non-compete after all! Your explanation of the document and guidance in how to handle the resignation process was beyond helpful. I was offered the other job, and navigated my resignation from the job I hated with confidence – thanks to you!

I’m so much happier at my new job and singing your praises to other friends of mine who are worried about work contracts/issues.”

Thanks again
Name Withheld
Providence, Rhode Island

b. Telephone Consultations – PayPal Pre-Payment

You will need to pre-pay for your telephone consultation. To do so, simply click the applicable button to arrange for PayPal pre-payment. Mr. Sklover or his staff will then email you to arrange for a best time to speak.

1. 5 minutes: $75.00
2. 30 minutes (Incl. document review – max 5 pgs.): $395.00
3. 60 minutes (Incl. document review – max 10 pgs.): $550.00
4. 120 minutes (Incl. document review – max 25 pgs.): $795.00

c. Review/Edit/Comment on Your Draft

Review/Edit/Comment on Your Draft $395.00

d. Miscellaneous Payments