About Alan L. Sklover

Alan L. Sklover empowers employees worldwide to stand up for themselves at work.

Alan L Sklover

From his offices in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, Alan has devoted his 41 years of professional life to counseling and representing employees worldwide on how to negotiate and navigate for job security and career success.

As a noted authority on workplace negotiations, Alan has appeared on many media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, National Public Radio, Bloomberg Business Radio, and Court TV. He is frequently quoted by such leading publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week Magazine, Money Magazine, and The New York Post.

Alan is also the author of a number of books and articles, including the most popular text on severance negotiating, “Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off – What Your Employer Does Not Want You to Know About How to Fight Back.” (H.Holt, Publ., 2000)

For The Media

Our Blog’s mission is to instruct and inspire employees in their lifelong workplace “negotiations.” But to instruct and inspire, it is necessary, first, to communicate. And to communicate with the widest possible audience, we work with the media.

We regularly and enthusiastically collaborate with a wide variety of media outlets regarding workplace issues, trends and topics of interest, especially related to negotiation. Media we have worked with include The New York Times, CNN, Court TV, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Week magazine.

Reporters, journalists, producers and interviewers working under deadline pressure can count on our prompt provision of illustrative text, quotes, commentary and case histories. For live radio and television, we make ourselves available to the maximum extent possible.

The workplace is a compelling “theater” of human interactions, human emotions, human aspirations, and human strivings. We invite your interest and inquiries. Kindly direct them to Ms. Vanessa Mustapha, Mr. Sklover’s Executive Assistant.

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About Our Working Beliefs

  1. No employee is entitled to a job.
    No employer is entitled to a slave.
  2. Employees owe a duty of loyalty to their employers.
    Employers owe a duty of fairness to their employees.
  3. Employees should give their honest, full-time, best efforts
    Employers should recognize and appreciate such efforts
  4. Employees must earn their compensation.
    Employers must pay compensation when earned.
  5. In determining bonuses, managers should have some discretion.
    In their own bonuses, managers should not be selfish.
  6. Employees should leave personal issues out of the office.
    Employers must recognize valid family and personal needs.
  7. Employees should always give employers notice before leaving.
    Employers should always give employees notice before firing.
  8. No employee should live in fear of harassment, hostility or retaliation.
    All employers should be held accountable for those behaviors.
  9. The essence of Employment is collaboration.
    Collaboration requires mutual trust and respect.
  10. Employees are humans beings.
    Employees are not “human resources.”