Sklover Working Wisdom personalized Custom Memo Writing Service

Our New "Custom Memo-Writing Service"

Some people are just not comfortable writing memos or letters to employers, whether it is about a previous job, present job, or possible job. If you are one of those people, and you don’t think that your using our Model Memos and Letters would be sufficient for your needs, WE CAN WRITE A MEMO or LETTER “FOR YOU and FROM YOU” with our new CUSTOM MEMO-WRITING SERVICE.”

Here are the Basics:

    1. We speak with you to get certain information from you; we may also need to review a document or two.
    2. We then draft up the best memo or letter “FOR YOU and FROM YOU.”
    3. The fee for this service is $1,295.00*, prepaid by PayPal or credit card. (*An additional $200.00 for issues involving stock, stock options and other forms of equity.)

If You are Interested:

Note: This service does not include continuing consultations, or constitute legal advice, legal counsel, or an attorney-client relation.