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“Disability Accommodation” means a reasonable step that an employer is  required to make if it will enable an employee or job applicant to perform
job duties in a job for which he or she is otherwise capable of performing. A “disability accommodation” is any change in the workplace environment,  or in the way things are usually done, to help a person perform job duties  despite having a limitation of his or her daily functioning.

Two common examples of disability accommodations include making the workplace accessible for wheelchair users or providing a reader or interpreter for someone who is blind or hearing impaired.

A less common example might include permitting a person who has Attention Deficit Disorder to perform one duty at a time instead of “multi-tasking,” or permitting a person who depends on a seeing eye dog to take the dog out to the nearest tree every few hours.

“Reasonable” means a step that would not entail a major cost or burden on  an employer. Don’t ask that a new building be built for you, but don’t be afraid to ask that bathrooms be made accessible, that special software be  obtained, or that you be entitled to work from home two or three days a  week. Hey, there’s nothing to lose by asking; they can always say “No.”

If you can work, but need a bit of a “boost” from a “helping hand” to do  so, never hesitate to request a Disability Accommodation. It is just right, and fair, and it’s the law, too.

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