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“Disintermediation” is a long word that you need to know. In simpler words, it means “cutting out the middle man.” It is an ongoing process in almost every business, industry, profession and organization.

Real estate sellers and real estate buyers have used real estate brokers as intermediaries ever since there was a real estate business. These days, more and more, the internet is helping the parties do their business without the assistance – or cost – of brokers.

Likewise in the music industry, record companies (often called “labels”) helped musicians produce and distribute their recordings to their fans. These days, more and more, musicians are reaching out and selling their wares directly to their fans through the internet without intermediaries.

And in employment, intermediaries such as “Help Wanted” ads and executive recruiters are being used less, less and less. The statistics on this trend are quite amazing.

Keep “disintermediation” in mind when you are considering what career path to pursue, what job skills to develop, what employers to work for, and what business you might start.

Even this blog provides information to those who need information that used to require hiring an attorney or career counselor. That is, assuming you could find a knowledgeable and caring one, and then assuming you could afford their services.

If you are an intermediary, beware of “disintermediation.” If you are not an intermediary, don’t become one. And on your job and in your business if you can, “go direct” to your customer, client or consumer. That is where the “action” is.

Disintermediation: profit from it or perish from it.

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