Question: My employer tape-recorded two performance review meetings between us. I knew the recorder was there. Do I have a right to a copy of those audio recordings?

        Atlanta, Georgia 

Answer: It depends on . . . 

A. If you are a public employee in Georgia, my research indicates that the law gives you a right to review and copy nearly everything in your personnel file.

B. If you are a private sector employee in Georgia, my research indicates that the law does not give you a right to review or copy your personnel file. However, your company may give you that right, if your company has a policy to permit employees to do so. Such a policy would usually be found in its Employee Handbook.

C. If you are a union employee in Georgia, whether you have a right to do so would probably be in your union contract. I suggest you speak with your union representative or shop steward.

          Best, Al Sklover  

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