Do You Know . . . that Stalking, including STALKING AT WORK, is now a CRIME in most States?

You are currently viewing Do You Know . . . that Stalking, including STALKING AT WORK, is now a CRIME in most States?

It’s not just a violation of company policies, but is even punishable by IMPRISONMENT.

That is something that most employees don’t know, and even something that even most lawyers don’t know, either.

What is stalking? Generally speaking, it is:

    (a) a continued course of conduct,
    (b) including personal appearance, telephoning, texting or other means of communication,
    (c) against one person,
    (d) without a good reason,
    (e) that most people would reasonably expect to place that person in fear of harm to their safety, their property, or their job or career.

Note something very important: It does not require that the “bad actor” ever physically touched the victim, only that the fear of harm resulted.

This is the most important thing to know: Not only is Stalking, including Stalking At Work, a crime, but the victim can also sue the “bad actor” in Court for any damages to such things as health (physical or emotional), career and finances, and even punitive (punishment) damages, because of the depravity of the behavior, too.

These laws, and the increasingly available remedies for Stalking, including Stalking at Work, mark a big step forward for those tormented, humiliated and otherwise harmed by this rather sick and very damaging form of misconduct. And financial awards collected may very well be tax-free, as most financial award are treated for losses, pain and suffering.

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