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Understand What You May Sign or Have Already Signed

Sklover Working Wisdom Document Review and Explanation

Workplace Documents: Offer Letter, Employment Agreement, Non-Compete, Confidentiality Agreement, Inventions Agreement, Reimbursement Agreement, Severance Agreement, Restricted Stock Award Agreement, Retention Bonus Agreement, etc., etc.

Can be Confusing:  Workplace documents sure can be confusing – and represent great possible reward and great possible risk. Instead of being confused, be clear, as to what you might sign and what you might have already signed.

Get Clarity: We offer this service:  Review, Analysis and Explanation of Workplace Documents, and about 30 minutes to ask questions and hear answers.

Terms & Conditions:

Fee:  $495.00 (up to 15 pages), includes up to 30 minutes of discussion by phone. Prepaid by Credit Card or through Paypal.
Additional Pages or Documents:  Fee to be Determined – call or email us.
Stock or Other Equity Documents:  Fee to be Determined – call or email us.
Writing of Lists, Memos, or Other Materials:  Fee to be Determined  – call or email us.
Not Included:  Continued Questions, Counsel or other services.
Note Well:  This is not a Legal Service or Legal Counsel, which would require the signing of a law firm Retention Agreement.

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