“Eight positive reasons to explain frequent job changes.”

Question: I am an Indian, male, engineering graduate, 53 years young, currently posted as the country head of a textile trading company in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the past 1 year. In my long career of 32 years, I have changed 8 companies to spiral my career up because it is very difficult to get promoted in a textile profession working for a single company.

I am going to attend an interview in a week’s time for the position of Senior President of a large corporation in India. The interviewers will ask me why I made so many changes in my career that looks like frequent job hopping.

My question: What answer should I give to make a positive impression? Please help! Best regards.

Delhi, India

Answer: Dear APC:    

Your question is a most interesting one.  I do not know why you have left each of your previous positions, but these Eight Positive Reasons are the reasons put forth by my clients in the very same situation as you are, and they have worked for them:  

1. My usual stay in a position has been 4 to 5 years; I am told by recruiters that this is about average these days.

2. Within 4 to 5 years in most of my positions, I have always been able to successfully revamp and reinvigorate every department I have run; that is, my assignments were then successfully completed. 

3. After successfully turning around every department I have run, I have always sought greater challenges, greater responsibilities, and greater successes. 

4. In each of my positions, when my colleagues and supervisors went to work for other companies, they have always recommended that I be hired by their new employers.

5. I have always sought positions in which I could learn all there is to know about  every aspect of the Textile Profession; my “education” is now nearly complete.

6. In every position I have held, my success has been so widely known that competitors and recruiters have sought my services  so very vigorously.

7. Since I have been a much younger man, I have dreamed of becoming the Senior President of a large textile corporation, and I saw each position as training for this very moment.

8. It has been said to me “Opportunities pursue Leaders.” I believe this explains my experience.     

APC, being prepared for a job interview can give you extra confidence, and confidence is attractive in a job interview. I hope one or more of these Eight Positive Reasons to Explain Frequent Job Changes are helpful to you in your upcoming interview. Good luck to you.

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Al Sklover

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