Our First-Ever Political Endorsement . . .

Our First-Ever Political Endorsement . . .

“Jesus came into this world not as a philosopher or as a general, but as a carpenter. All work matters to God.”
– Timothy Keller

Work, toil, effort, labor, care or creation – whatever you want to call it – is precious. It is meaningful, no matter what it is or who performs it. At the same time, it gives precious dignity to all who do it. It both gives purpose to life, and advances the betterment of all, too. It “puts food on the table” and, too, delivers self-worth to the soul. Fairness in daily matters and security over time are both part of “dignity at work.” In our view, those who encourage “dignity at work” themselves do God’s work.

We therefore urge you to vote for that candidate who you believe is most likely to practice “dignity at work” in daily activities, promote “dignity at work” in how he or she is a role model to those who manage their affairs as managers and assistants, and portray “dignity at work” by how they treat each person each day in every way.

That is the leader who deserves your vote and your wholehearted support.

“How I wish everyone had decent work!
It is essential for human dignity.”
– Pope Francis

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