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How to Negotiate Severance for Yourself

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I. Chapters 1 through 7: $12.95
Chapter 1: The Three “Big Secrets” of Severance Negotiating
Chapter 2: The Three Major Challenges You Face
Chapter 3: Upcoming Dynamics: Negotiation Is a Process, Not an Event
Chapter 4: Your Focus: Motivation and Perceived Interests
Chapter 5: What About Legalities?: Severance and the Law
Chapter 6: Your Own Job-Loss Context: Often a Negotiation Predictor
Chapter 7: Experience: Reflections, Observations, Suggestions on Negotiating
II. Chapters 8 through 14: $12.95
Chapter 8: Avoiding the Common Emotional Pitfalls
Chapter 9: Consider Your Employer’s Perspective
Chapter 10: Is Legal Representation Necessary for You? Perhaps Not
Chapter 11: Seven Suggestions for Working Most Productively with
Your Severance Attorney
Chapter 12: What Lies Ahead? A Preview of the Severance Process
Chapter 13: Preparing Your Pre-Negotiation Checklist
Chapter 14: The Ten Stages of Severance Negotiation
III. Chapters 15 through 27: $12.95
Chapter 15: How Much Can You Really Negotiate?
Chapter 16: The Five First Essential Requests
Chapter 17: The Ten Next Most Valuable Requests
Chapter 18: Customize Your Requests: The 101 True “Severance Secrets”
Chapter 19: How Much Should You Ask For? The Emerging Severance Standards
Chapter 20: Pension and Insurance
Chapter 21: Noncompetition and Other Restrictive Agreements
Chapter 22: Stock Options
Chapter 23: Defamation and Disparagement
Chapter 24: Future Ownership and Use of Ideas and “Creations”
Chapter 25: Confidentiality, Proprietary Information, and Trade Secrets
Chapter 26: For Those Contemplating Continuing Arrangements or Consultancies
Chapter 27: Form U-5 Statements: Special Concerns for Those in the Securities Industry
IV. Chapters 28 through 37: $12.95
Chapter 28: Release and Waiver of Employee’s Claims
Chapter 29: Mitigation
Chapter 30: Confidentiality
Chapter 31: Return of the Employer’s “Property”
Chapter 32: Nondisparagement
Chapter 33: Beware of Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 34: There Are No Guarantees
Chapter 35: Beware of Withdrawn Offers and Counterclaims
Chapter 36: Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
Chapter 37: When It May Be Time to “Walk Away”
V. Chapters 38 through 46: $12.95
Chapter 38: Bouncing Back and Standing Tall
Chapter 39: Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits
Chapter 40: A Concern About Employer-Provided Outplacement
Chapter 41: Is Severance Taxable? Are Related Costs Deductible?
Chapter 42: “Getting Out” of Waivers and Releases
Chapter 43: Breach of the Severance Agreement – by Either Side
Chapter 44: Employer Bankruptcy
Chapter 45: Rollovers, Reinvestments, and Replacements
Chapter 46: Conclusion: Severance Negotiating…and Your Empowerment Beyond
VI. Entire Book $49.95

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