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Note: From Arizona comes this good news that, once again, the simple, positive, and mindful way of participating in the employment relation – what we call “working wisdom” – is the best, and good for all concerned:

Mr. Sklover,

I just received a call from one of my company HR representatives and my boss’s boss about my PIP. I was officially informed that my PIP or Performance Improvement Plan has been rescinded and removed from my record. Before I give accolades to you, your website and the “Response to Receiving Performance Improvement Plan” that I purchased, I am giving so much thanks to my wife that found your site and believed in me so much that she devoted countless hours of research that found me the best possible information for me to prove the lack of validity of the PIP or Performance Improvement Plan that was given to me.

My first move while having already prepared the letter was to call a meeting of our area leaders to politely & verbally request that it be removed. I was told no at first but, was told that I would have an answer prior to noon the next day. When I received the email from our director that he was standing by my leader’s objective to implement the PIP I responded less than 5 minutes later with the dispute by email followed by a printed and signed copy. The very next day I was being retaliated against by my boss which became unbearable. I scheduled a meeting with someone higher up in the company and told them everything that had led to the PIP along with all of my documentation of my exceeded goals, emails and examples of my work. 4 days later I received a call saying that my Performance Improvement Plan had been rescinded and removed from my record.

I cannot thank you or my wife enough for this. It has cleared my good name and proven that this was something that was not necessary. I know that I am probably an exception to this type of action being brought on someone and rescinded but, all through this I remained calm, focused, professional and confident that I could win. And I did. Thank you Alan Sklover and thank you to my wife. This is a success story.

If people follow your advice and, have the documentation like I did to prove themselves they will be able to increase their chances to win. Remember not to lose your cool! Staying calm and being professional speaks much louder volumes than you could ever know!! Thank you again!!

Name Withheld

Dear Arizona,

Thanks so much for writing in, and sharing the news of your success. It’s success stories like yours that keep us inspired to keep on blogging!

Our purpose is our passion: To Repair the World, One Empowered and Productive Employee at a Time.

Very Best,
Al Sklover

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