Friday Feedback

Note: From Farmington Hills, Michigan, comes this great suggestion about how we can improve our blog, which we have considered and decided to act on:     

“I love your website, and all the articles and videos! Thank you for trying to help the average (and not so average) workers out there!

The only subject that I would like to see covered in more detail is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and requesting accommodations under that law. It is a complicated route for workers, and I myself had requested an accommodation, but I was misinformed of the requirements, and ended up losing my job. I think it would be a great service for your followers. Thanks for reading.”      

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Dear Angelyn,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to make your suggestion. It is a great one, and we have decided to act on it. We are working on a Newsletter on the ADA, and a Model Letter to assist people in requesting accommodations under the ADA.  

I really mean it when I say that I appreciate the help of our “Blog Family” in improving this blog, and in helping others with what we have to offer.  

Very Best,
Al Sklover

Note: More and more, we are getting inquiries about Bully Bosses and other Bullying at Work. As we have noted, more and more states are considering laws to make such misconduct illegal, to which we can only say “IT’S ABOUT TIME.” Here’s a note from a member of our Blog Family who urges help in getting this kind of legislation a reality:

“Just wanted to pass this information along after watching a news report on CBS about bullying at work. Several states have passed what they call Healthy Workplace Laws. This is the same bill that the New York State Senate has on record, and is something that needs to be supported, passed, and made into law. Senate Bill S4289-2011 would establish a civil cause of action [that is, a way for a person to sue] for employees who are subjected to an abusive work environment. It is happening every day, and it is emotionally and physically painful.”  

New York, New York

Dear Gayle,

Good information and good to hear. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me with horrific tales of what is happening daily at work. While we are in increasingly stressful work environments,  that is NO EXCUSE for what seems to be going on every day in so many workplaces. I encourage our Blog Family to give support to these legislative efforts.

Very Best,
Al Sklover

Note: At the end of each year – and at other times, too – we pause to give Thanks for those who read, enjoy and contribute to our blog. Dan is one of those whose support over the years has been especially heartening. This is his recent note to us:     

“Your end-of-year note of appreciation is truly inspirational. Well done. You, through linkage to my blogroll, make a huge contribution to my blog’s readership. []

Your site uses terrific art of expression, respectful, and in-depth commentary and provides resources that none compare to.

Many, many thanks.”     

Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Dan,

The ability of the internet to create and maintain helpful bonds is sometimes overwhelming. It’s support and encouragement from people like Dan that literally keeps us going. Thanks, Dan, as always.

Very Best,
Al Sklover

Note: A few months ago, we published a newsletter entitled “Want to See Your HR File? Here’s How.” It is a simple guide to doing so, but resulted in a lot of positive feedback. This short note was particularly enjoyable.

“Thanks. This is EPIC. I’m going to be getting my HR file. This is very important info. You are life savers.” 

(City, State Not Specified)

Dear Hallo,

The information in your HR file can have great consequences to your career. To make sure it is correct, and complete, is a worthwhile task. Though not every state and not every employer permits this, it never hurts to try. Thanks for your “EPIC” note.  

Very Best,
Al Sklover

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