Friday Feedback

Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback . . . hope you don’t mind our sharing it with you:

“Mr. Sklover, I cannot thank you enough for the information and advice you provide through your website. Indeed four months ago I was faced with a Performance Improvement Plan at work. I was inspired and guided by your wisdom, and successfully fought it, and preserved my position, respect and name. I was indeed very fearful and unaware of the situation I was put into until your information opened my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are indeed saving lives. A very thankful worker.”  

[City Withheld]

Dear Ilsa: Performance Improvement Plans are painful and confusing for so many people. I’m glad that – with the information and insights we offer – you’ve successfully stood up to yours. You’ve made our day!!

Al Sklover

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“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the newsletter and the valuable advice you always provide. Your blog is a tremendous resource and I refer many people to your site.”   

Ted V.
[City Withheld] 

Dear Ted: If there is one thing a person can do to “thank” me for my work, it is by telling others about it. If each of us stands up a little taller at work, the world will be a fairer and better place. Let’s do it!!

Glad you enjoy,
Al Sklover

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“Hi, Alan. I hadn’t meant to let so much time elapse to thank you for your thoughtful and generous response to my question last month, about working with a home care agency whose practice was to not compensate for canceled shifts. You posted a very detailed answer the next day offering several options and perspectives.

I decided that a course of action of watchful waiting (and careful documentation) was advised, until I had more time with the agency so they could see my general indispensability. I’ve since been given a better assignment, closer to home, and more challenging and interesting clients.

But I did want you to know how much I appreciate your services for and advice to the work-worn, especially in this crazy economy when we are so vulnerable.

 Best wishes!!”   

Los Angeles, California

Dear Nina: Not getting paid what you deserve from your present employer is a real problem; it’s kind of “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” You’ve used your good sense, sprinkled with a gentle dusting of insight, to prevail and prosper. I just love it!!

Keep it up,
Al Sklover 

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“I wanted to Thank You for taking the time to answer a question I had a few months ago concerning my employer lowering my wages and not telling me but paying me at the lower rate for days already worked. I did have to file a complaint with the West Virginia Wage and Hour Division; in return, they told me if I go through an attorney my employer has to pay me 3X the amount owed since he didn’t pay me within two weeks. I filed the papers today with the attorney. 

I think this is a lesson for all employers: don’t try and cheat your employees in West Virginia!! Thanks, again.

West Virginia

Dear Anita:  As my stepdaughter would say, “You go, girl!!”

Great report,
Al Sklover

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