Friday Feedback

Recently we received a truly beautiful note from a blog visitor, and decided to share it with you . . .

“Hello, Alan Sklover! You have changed my life in ways that neither you nor I could imagine. Three years ago, after becoming familiar with your blog, I called your office for a telephone consultation. I was being bullied by a new supervisor. He was threatening to place me on a Performance Improvement Plan after 9 years of stellar reviews and 3 promotions. It left me feeling emotionally wiped out, as I was anxious, not sleeping and not eating.”

“Not only did you help me in a legal and negotiating sense to obtain a severance double what the company was offering, you counseled me to focus on the important things in life: my health and my family. I began taking better care of myself, bought an RV, and have been traveling the country intermittently with my family between consulting projects. The bonding and happiness of my family is indescribable, and while I now make slightly less money, I am more satisfied being out of the rat race.”

“I have told other friends about your blogsite, and hope you can help them as much as you have helped me.”

Thank you,
Towson, Maryland

Dear Danielle: Thank you for your very kind words. They are both gratifying and inspiring. We strive daily to bring about positive change in the lives of our blog readers and those who consult us. Sure, the bills have to get paid, but keeping focus on the truly precious things in life is just as important. Glad we helped you do just that. Performance Improvement Plans are painful and confusing for so many people. I’m glad that – with the information and insights we offer – you’ve successfully stood up to yours. You’ve made our day!!

Best, Best, Best
Al Sklover

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