Friday Feedback


Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback. . . hope you don’t mind our sharing one example with you:

Dear Vanessa (Mr. Sklover’s Assistant),

The night before last I stumbled across Alan’s website as I was looking for the right way to leave my employer after a recent demotion.

I landed on the page outlining the meaning and situations surrounding involuntary resignations and knew that was the critical term I needed to leverage my terms.

It worked, and they offered me the severance package I asked for.

Without the stars aligning and finding Alan’s website, the departure would have been extremely stressful and financially difficult. Please extend my deepest thanks to him and I will definitely be in touch should I need his services!

Happy Holidays and thanks again!

All the best


P.S: Here’s a quote I love you should feel free to use:

“Crises refine life. In them, you discover what you are.”

– Allan Knight Chalmers

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Remember . .

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