Happy New Year

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To All of Our Blog Readers, Friends, Clients and Colleagues:

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It’s a New Year,
And, We Pray, a
Year of Greater Peace, Health,
Job Security, and Food Security,
Wherever in the World Peace,
Health, Job Security and
Sufficient Food may be at Risk.

Our Best Wishes to
You and Your Loved Ones
A Happier and Healthier
New Year

Thank you very much for making our 2022 one of continued dedication to our core purpose: “Repairing the World, one Empowered and Productive Employee at a Time.”

May your 2023 be filled with the warmth of loved ones, the health we all sometimes take for granted, the joy of holding a newborn baby, the inner comfort of job security, and the wonder of a six-year-old about to open birthday presents.

“Life is God’s gift to you. What you do with your life is your gift back to God.”

All of Us at SkloverWorkingWisdom.com

Akeesha, Valentina, Ryan, Akeem, Al, Andre, Andrew, Brandon, Brian, Briana, Ivan, Jon, Jaymie, Kenny, Sam, Sofia and “Glamma” Vanessa – and Bobby and Ralphie, our Canine Companions.

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