“Harassed; On Final Warning; Getting Sick – Is it time to give up and find a new job?”

Question: I’ve been with my bank for three years. A year ago a new manager came on board who I have had nothing but conflict with. He claimed I was not performing well, and I also claimed that he was harassing me. My complaint was dismissed, but I was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan. Now I’m getting sick from physical and mental distress, so badly that I’ve been placed on medical leave. I’m considering whether to go back when I get better. I know that if I return I will again be placed on Final Warning. My new husband suggests I should look for a new job, before they fire me. Your advice?

Mei, from Jersey City, NJ

Answer: On our Blog, under “Negotiation Pointers,” we have a brief article entitled “Knowing When It’s Time to Simply “Fold ‘Em.” For you, it seems, that time has come.

Your manager and you don’t have good working relations. Your HR Department has taken steps to terminate your employment. You are only one-half a step away from being fired. And you are getting sick. Your new husband cares for you, and he’s right: find something new.

Even if you “won” the battle, you’ll probably lose this war. Instead, devote your energies to regaining your health, finding a new job, and succeeding there . . . all positive stuff. Let your manager harass someone else; it’s no longer your concern. You have enough to do to help yourself. Oh, yes . . . one more thing: keep visiting our blog.

Best, Al Sklover