How do workers get job security?

Question: My question is how do you give job security to workers. Thank you.


Answer: It is a simple question that you ask, but its answer is not so simple.

First, an employee earns job security by being valuable to his or her employer, and by making sure the employer knows that. For example, if most other employees can fix five cars each day, and you can fix ten cars, and if your employer knows that fact, he or she will keep you on the job when other employees are fired, or laid off, because it is in his or her interests to do that.

Second, the employees of a company all get more job security when, together with their managers, they are very productive. For example, if all employees fix ten cars each day. To be so productive, employees usually must be paid fairly and treated fairly. So, it is in the interests of the employees and the employer to work together well, with dignity, with respect, and with fairness.

Third, employees can get job security by asking for a contract of employment, or an agreement that they will receive three months’ notice before being laid off, or perhaps six months of severance if laid off. Those are kinds of job security too.

I hope I have answered your inquiry. Thank you for writing in, from so far away.

Best, Al Sklover

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