How to use our Model Letters


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*****See Below*****

It’s important that you understand how to best use these materials:

1. These are “Models” only. They are NOT meant to be used “as is,” in their present form.

2. Your facts, events and circumstances need to be inserted. The facts, events and circumstances set forth in our Model Memos and Letters are fictitious, and meant only as a guide to how your own memo or letter should look, what kind of information it should contain, and how it should be organized.

3. Who should receive your modified memo or letter is a decision you need to make. (a) The person you send your modified memo to should be sufficiently high in your organization so that he or she can direct Human Resources or Legal on how to respond. (b) At the same time, it is usually helpful to send it to someone who is “close” enough to the situation that he or she feels that he or she may be held accountable if it is not resolved well. (c) As a general rule we try not to send memos that ask for a significant decision to Human Resources or Legal, because they are usually not authorized to make significant decisions, especially about payments to employees or terms of agreements.

4. We suggest you have a friend review your memo or letter after it is properly adapted. After you have modified your memo or letter to include your own facts, events and circumstances, it should be presented to a friend or loved one to have it reviewed for you, with these factors in mind: (a) proper spelling and grammar; (b) clarity of communication; and (c) whether it conveys a truly “moving” message, which is what works best.

5. You need to keep your central purpose in mind. Whether you are seeking better terms of a new job, pushing back at a Performance Improvement Plan, seeking better severance, or another goal, you need to keep your central purpose in mind. Will your memo or letter, after you have modified it, likely achieve your goal? That is the final, ultimate test of all your efforts.

Best, Al Sklover

***You acknowledge that this letter is not, and is not intended to be, legal advice, which must be provided only by an attorney licensed to practice law in your locale. Nor is it intended as a substitute for legal advice. Instead, it is suggested as a model to be considered in conjunction with legal advice.


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