“If I turn down a different job, two hours away, with substantially lower pay, will I be eligible for unemployment benefits?”

Question:  Hello, Alan. I received a job offer from a different employer and accepted. I gave my current employer my resignation.

The day prior to the last day of work with my current employer, the new employer informed me that the job offer is not the same, but they have another, different job two hours away, at a substantially lower pay.

If I don’t accept this new job, am I entitled to unemployment? 

Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Answer: Hello, Dee. The law in most states provides that, if you turn down a job that is substantially different, is substantially lower in pay, and would require a four-hour daily commute, you would be entitled to unemployment benefits. While I am not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, I am confident that you’ll be successful if you apply for unemployment benefits.

One thing about unemployment law that you need to bear in mind is that initial decisions about eligibility are made by clerical workers, whose decisions may be overridden by hearing officers, whose decisions may be overridden by appeal boards. So, even if you are initially denied benefits, you have two levels of “appeals” to attempt.

While it cannot be guaranteed by anyone, my experience leads me to have confidence you’ll be successful.

Good luck to you. Please use our new “Feedback Invited” box to let us know how things went. I would really appreciate it.

Best, Al Sklover

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