“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance benefits?”

Question: The company I work for is being sold to another company. Do I have to take my job with the new company, or can I leave and collect unemployment benefits until I find a new job? 

         Salem, Oregon  

Answer: Unemployment benefits are not paid to employees based on who owns the company they work for; a sale, merger or other change in ownership is not a reason to collect. Rather, the primary determinant of eligibility for unemployment benefits is whether or not a job is available to the employee. You seem to have a job available to you.

If the new owners of your company are offering you a job – so long as it is in most material ways equivalent to your present job – you have no reason not to work and collect benefits.

That may not be the answer you hoped for, but it is the way unemployment works in every state.

Best, Al Sklover

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