“I’m out on medical leave, placed on P.I.P., let go, and in need of a referral for legal assistance . . . can you help?

Question: I was employed for 7 years with a company. Because of anxiety and depression in July I went out on a “FMLA” leave of absence. When I returned in August, I was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (“P.I.P.”), and given 45 days to improve. In September, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and scheduled for surgery in November. In October I was terminated, and given a “severance agreement” to sign that seems to say I forfeited my bonus for the year. I am in need of a referral to an employment attorney in my area, ASAP. Can you help?

A Blog Reader,
Deer Park, TX

Answer: Not a problem. We offer that service to our blog readers.

To obtain a list of at least five experienced employment attorneys in the Houston area, just [click here.]

We pray, too, for your prompt and full recovery.

Best, Al Sklover

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