In Blessed Memory: “Notorious RBG”

In Blessed Memory: “Notorious RBG”

Last week we lost a “Giant,” less than five feet tall, and less than 100 pounds, yet a monument to humanity, a really smart, tough “cookie,” a powerful mind and an even more wonderful heart . . . we all knew she was “there,” fighting for every person, and we all were moved to tears when she passed.

She was a fierce Champion of Human Rights, Women’s Rights, the Rights of the Disabled, and the Rights of Workers. She was a “Brooklyn Girl” who attended public school, studied at the public library, whose sister died as a child, and whose mother – a bookkeeper – died before she graduated high school. And, by sheer will and determination, and love, she became world famous, as is said, “A Hero to Young People when she was in her 80’s.”

She was a bit magical. This photo of “RBG,” my son, Sam, and myself is the only photo in my home that hangs in two rooms, both my “family” room and my office. And that is where they will stay. Sam, who was 7 years old when the photo was taken, has a framed copy of it still on his dresser, now 20 years later.

Notice her right hand, touching my Sam’s arm, in what can only be a “grandmother’s way,” with gentleness, affection and support, all at once.

Oh, boy . . . this woman will be missed by us, and by the entire world. Oh, boy.

May she rest in peace. And may her memory be a blessing.

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