Job Security Secret: Be a Wise Cost Cutter

Secrets of Job Security

Secret of Job Security #14:

Here’s a simple way to enhance your job security: Become known as a “Wise Cost-Cutter,” and you will likely be viewed as a “keeper,” that is, “someone to keep around.”

These days, more than any I remember, managements of every company and organization are intensely aware of the old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Put into management “lingo,” even if you can’t improve your top line growth, you nevertheless can improve your ultimate bottom line through what these days we commonly refer to as “cost efficiencies.”

One of my clients recently shared with me a lesson she learned accidentally that I’d like to share with you. While waiting in an airport lounge, she overheard someone sitting nearby talking about saving a lot of money by sending FedEx and UPS packages by “two-day delivery” service instead of “overnight delivery,” for two reasons. First, most overnight deliveries don’t really, truly, absolutely have to be there the next day. Second, in most metropolitan areas, packages sent by “two-day delivery” are, in fact, usually delivered the next morning.

When she mentioned that to her manager, he suggested they give it a try for a month, and calculate the resultant cost savings, if any. The small experiment yielded a very significant cost savings. Her manager then reported the cost savings “up the chain of authority,” which, in turn, made him appear in a most positive light. It sure didn’t hurt my client’s relation with her manager, but rather made her in his eyes as a “true keeper,” the best definition there is of a person with enhanced job security.

This particular cost-savings idea was the best kind, as it (a) did not inconvenience anyone, (b) did not pose a challenge to anyone’s self-interest, and (c) did not invite any kind of office-politics, intrigue or competition. It was simple, cost-efficient, and a win-win-win, except of course for the local FedEx and UPS offices. A casual mention of a wise cost-savings idea turned into a net positive for my client’s perception of value to her manager, and to his managers, and so increased job security for her.

Over time, she became known as someone who keeps an eye on costs, yet avoids battles that some cost-saving measures might entail. For her, it became sort of a fun game, not a constant preoccupation, but something akin to solving a complex crossword puzzle.

What is job security? It is a realistic degree of confidence that, if and when jobs are being reduced or eliminated, your job will be a degree safer than your colleagues’ jobs. Thus, if and when you depart your job, it will more likely to be on timing, terms and tone that are in your financial and career interests, and not against them.

Consider the wisdom, effectiveness and fun of identifying, assessing and suggesting a simple cost-saving measure every now and then. Enhanced job security is almost always sure to follow.

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