Job Security Secret: Don’t elevate a problem without also suggesting a well-considered solution (or two).

Secrets of Job Security

Secret of Job Security #4:

It’s just undeniable. It makes common sense. Studies have confirmed it. And I can attest to it:

Don’t bring a problem to your manager’s attention without also bringing to him or her a well-thought-out solution, or even better, two alternative well-thought-out solutions.

Keep it simple:

No Drama: The description of the problem should not be drama-laden, unless the problem itself is truly dramatic, and even then, cool, detached objectivity is preferred to “Boss, we have an emergency” if no true emergency exists.

Provide the Apparent Cause: The description of the problem should also include its apparent “root cause.” While the actual cause may not yet be determined, the “apparent cause” is usually available.

Don’t Blame Anyone: Your manager will be able to determine if anyone is to blame. You maintain greatest credibility if you don’t make the problem or the solution a personal issue, but an operational one.

Solutions Require Practical Steps: The solutions you offer need to include the practical steps needed to solve the problem, in a logical order, if at all possible.

Effective problem solvers are highly prized in the workplace. Those known for problem-solving skills are those with significant job security.

Become one of them. You will be glad you did.

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