Job Security Secret: Volunteer for an Extra Duty

Secrets of Job Security

 Secret of Job Security #26:

Every once in a while, take an extra step to show you really are “On the Team.”

Everyone is supposed to do his or her job. And everyone is supposed to arrive on time and stay the full day or shift.

But no one is expected to volunteer to serve on a Committee, be a mentor to a new hires, or contribute to – or even help run – the firm’s annual charity fund. Such extra effort is unusual, but noticed, and a great source of job security.

Every now and then, exert an extra effort. Fulfill a special need. If you do, you will quickly attain “special value” status: someone who is surely “On the Team.”

A client of mine, who holds a finance position in a small company, asked the Chief Operating Officer if any assistance might be needed to run an off-site conference, even though (a) his job had nothing to do with the conference, and (b) it was taking place on his day off.

My client thought it might be a good learning experience, and an in-house networking opportunity, as well. He helped out, his doing so impressed the heck out of his management, and unquestionably elevated his job security.

When you are someone who shows he or she is “On the Team,” your perceived value increases multifold, as did his. If at some later date decisions are being made about “who stays, who goes” you are a “keeper.”

Job Security – confidence that your job transitions, if any, will be at your choice and upon your timing – is created, elevated and cemented in such ways.

It is at the same time quite obvious, and a true secret, too.

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