“Laid off. I confirmed my receipt of the Layoff Documents. Did I Goof?”

Question: Does signing for receipt of last paycheck, COBRA package, 401k information, and other documents when I was laid off constitute any kind of “acceptance” of the layoff, or giving up of any rights to possibly obtain additional severance? Does it make any difference that I am a manager?

I signed, but knew I shouldn’t . . . I was in a state of shock.

Carole, from San Diego, CA

Answer: Don’t fret – you’ve done nothing wrong. Acknowledging receipt of these materials is NOT an acceptance of your layoff, or any aspect of it. You have not given up any rights of any kind by doing so. And the answer is no different because you are a manager.

Relax. Read our many Library Articles about what to do if you’re laid off, and how to negotiate severance. My book, “Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off” could help you, too. 

Best, Al Sklover

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