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An Experienced Coach:  Mr. Sklover has coached/mentored many people in his 42+ year career. He particularly enjoys one-on-one coaching/mentoring employees in the “fine art” of employment negotiation and navigation.

How: As each person is unique – as to strengths, weaknesses and needs – so, too – is the Coaching Program designed for each. Mr. Sklover offers a “Mentoring Menu” from which topics are mutually selected, and thus “A Mentoring Program is Born.”

Topics:  Mr. Sklover’s “Mentoring Menu” includes the following topics, among others:  

  1. Self-Branding
  2. Increasing Job Security
  3. Requesting Better Compensation and Promotions
  4. Job Transitioning
  5. Effective Workplace Communication
  6. Dealing with Difficult Colleagues and Managers
  7. Seamless Employment Transitions
  8. Avoiding and/or Addressing Workplace Disputes
  9. Understanding Workplace Dynamics and Politics
  10. Effectively Dealing with Illness, Injury and the Like

Most mentoring programs involve 6 to 8 sessions.

Who:  Participants have included a wide range, from college students (often a graduation present from grandparents) to senior executives (for whom the expense may be reimbursable and/or a deductible expense.) Participants have come from all industries and professions, and several countries.

Cost:  $300 per 45-minute session.

How Does Coaching differ from Consultations?:  No documents are reviewed. Coaching/Mentoring follows a pre-set Plan. Most sessions are during evenings and on weekends.  There are no “emergency” coaching sessions. Topics are generalized. In our Telephone Consultations, we review documents, and engage in “urgent” calls.

Where:  Almost all are by telephone. Occasionally we meet in our NYC office.

If Interested:  Call Ms. Vanessa Mustapha at our office number: 212.757.5000 during weekdays, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time, or email