“Need Simple Resignation Letter – Can You Provide One?”

Question: Sir, actually I decided to resign to my work because my manager wants me to do my work perfectly, and if I commit some mistakes it will automatically terminated. Sir, how can I leave to work without something feel bad and can u give me example of letter for my situation. Thank you, Sir.

Carmen, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Phillipines
(All names are changed)

Answer: I have never been to the Phillipines, and I am not familiar with the ways that employees in the Phillipines usually resign from work. However, I do know the three things that I always suggest be part of a resignation: (1) respectful tone, (2) words of appreciation for the opportunity to work and learn, and (3) a last date of work.

On the Model Letters section of our blogsite we offer a set of two Model Resignation letters for your adaptation and use. If you’re interested in obtaining them, simply [click here].

Resigning can be a tricky “transaction.” Good luck in yours, and in your new job!

Al Sklover

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