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Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback . . . We hope you don’t mind our sharing one recent and heart-warming example with you. (Note: Next month, Vanessa will be my “right hand” for 21 years. We continue discussing who is “The Boss.”):

The Boss (Vanessa),

BACKGROUND: Hi Vanessa and Al. I have been following Al’s Working Wisdom blog for about 4 years but have never spoken to him live nor paid for his counsel until a couple weeks back. It was my daily habit of reading one chapter in the book of Proverbs that caused me to pick up the phone. More specifically, on March 24, 2020 I was reading Proverbs 24:6 which says:

“For by wise counsel you can wage your war, and in an abundance of counselors there is victory and safety.”     – The Amplified Bible (Zonderman, 1987)

Getting Fired, Downsized or Laid off can be a very lonely time. Fortunately, in our life times, we don’t have to go through it very often but this means we also don’t develop expertise in this area. Companies, on the other hand, hire professionals who terminate employees regularly. They develop experience and are backed-up and supported by highly-compensated expert employment attorneys. It feels a bit like David versus Goliath and having a counselor like Al to provide good guidance, helped me discipline my mind not to make rash decisions or take irresponsible actions.

Years ago, I purchased his sample memo letters package while in a severance negotiation with a former employer (large Private equity company that purchased the smaller company for which I worked) and found them to be very beneficial and helpful. I had also read his book but still found that his phone consultation was very helpful! We don’t want to wage war, but we must protect our careers and our families to depart safely and fairly; counselors assist! They provide strategy, guidance and perhaps most importantly, peace of mind to remove self-doubt.

Thanks Al!

Lake Oswego, Oregon.

PS: Cocktail Trivia: Did you know that there are 31 Chapters in the book of Proverbs? That’s one chapter for each day of the mont. Some people refer to Proverbs as “The Instruction Manual for How to Live”. How fitting that there’s a chapter for each day of the month.

Dear M.R.,

We are surely on the “same page,” as are so, so many all over the world. Thank you, sincerely, for what I call “fuel in my furnace.” All the best!!


Al Sklover


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