New Feedback

New Feedback

Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback . . . hope you don’t mind our sharing one recent example with you:

Dear Sklover Team,

I recently found your website, and used its information and guidance. It is in my opinion, based upon my professional experience and research, that without exception, Mr. Sklover (and his team) have produced the most impressive and complete compendium of freely available information, sage guidance and, most importantly, actionable behaviors on employee empowerment and self-protection. This is a superlative professional accomplishment.


Winter Haven, FL

We LOVE feedback of every kind. Your taking a minute to drop us an email would be so very much appreciated. Please keep email comments to 100 words or less, and direct them to (Names and other identifying information will be altered to ensure anonymity.)

Remember . .

“You are not alone, at work, any more.”™


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