No Evaluation – No Raise: Should I Quit?

Question: Could you please help me with a problem that is taking place at my place of employment? I was due for an evaluation in December and went to my GM and asked about it as I am due for a raise. I have not had the evaluation or been told about any raises even though I have mentioned it two other times to them. Right now I feel like they are using me and just letting me do what is expected of me without the benefit of more money. Should I give them a date when I will leave if they have not given me an answer which could be you are not getting any more money or just give them a letter of resignation and move on. I do love what I am doing but it is starting to rub me the wrong way and it is changing my attitude towards them.

Linda, Florida

Answer: If at all possible, you should NEVER resign. That makes you (a) jobless, (b) without benefits, (c) appear less valuable to other employers, and (d) ineligible for unemployment insurance. And setting a deadline just boxes you in, not them.

Instead, why not send an email to both your boss and the company head, explaining what has happened – or rather, what has NOT happened, and that you feel it is like a broken promise, or at least being misled and treated unfairly. Tell them what it is that you want to remedy the situation. If you don’t get a positive response, then start looking for a new job.

The employment relationship is like any other relationship: if it is making you unhappy, try to correct it; if you cannot, then find a new employer who appreciates the work you do and the loyalty and good attitude you offer.

Best, Al Sklover

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