COVID-19 Model Memo 1 – What Steps is Our Company Taking to Promote Covid-19 Safety at Work?

With 32 Sample Questions. First and foremost is the issue “Is the office a Covid-Safe place to work?” This Model Memo shows you what to ask, and how to ask, regarding information that may be of great value to you in determining whether you can safely return to work, regardless of whether your workplace is an office, a factory, a restaurant, out of doors, or otherwise.


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Workplace Safety for Employees is Required by the Law. There are no “Covid-19 Exceptions.”

Both Federal and State laws require that employers provide their employees with a safe workplace. That may take the form of an environment free from danger to health and life, equipment to limit work-related risks, protective clothing, and arrangements that promote health and safety from danger. Since the Covid-19 virus presents us with new safety challenges, it requires that employers take new, never-before safety steps to protect their employees.

Thus, it may be wise that you ask your employer – in writing – what steps are being taken to protect you and your colleagues. The information you may learn – or that might be denied you – may form the factual basis for requesting an accommodation or modification, or leverage to negotiate an amicable departure in case you are denied them.