COVID-19 Model Memo 2 – Request for Exception, Modification or Accommodation to Your Employer’s Covid-19 Arrangements and Procedures

This Covid-19 Model Memo contains the 24 most common requests employees make for changes they need to accommodate workplace conditions and their or their family’s facts and circumstances. Included, too, are good reasons to offer in support of those requests. Examples: requests for (1) continued work from home, (2) staggered work hours, (3) being seated near open windows, (4) a childcare subsidy, (5) safety from angry customers, (6) less crowded elevators, (7) leave for self-quarantine, (8) a change in the way your performance is evaluated. It shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™


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U.S. employees have a variety of valuable legal rights that may help them deal with aspects of their Covid-19 issues, circumstances and concerns.

Under U.S. federal law, and the laws in most U.S. states, an employee has a legal right to (a) workplace safety, (b) a reasonable accommodation so they can work despite a disability of some kind, (c) up to 12 weeks off if they or a family member has a medical or emotional need for them to remain home (though without pay), (d) in some locales time off for parental leave under various circumstances, (e) unemployment benefits and even possibly (f) severance payments if they decline to return to the workplace.